Cloud Hosting
GitHub is not only a great place to store and share your code with others but they also offer free web hosting for your projects. VRGrid supports and encourages Github hosting so you and your team can collaborate in your project.

VRF Media
VRGrid VRF files, images, sounds and other media can be served from anywhere on the web but VRGrid only reads libraries hosted on Github . Github offers static HTTPS hosting for all members in this way its easy to get your VRF up and running in no time requiring nothing, even an editor its not needed since you can use the Github web editor to do all your changes. Also in Github you can share files and projects so unlimited number of people can work in one project, also libraries and files are never lost and always avaliable to other people to learn from.

How to get a Github web space?
To get a Github web space you only need to be a member, after this create a repository for your project. After your repository as been created we need to create a static host adress for it, to do that enter your repository settings and enable Github pages, now you will see your repository web adreess in the repository “Settings” under “Github Pages” “ You shoud see “Your site is published at ""”. That will be your web adress.
How do i link a VRF url in a normal html page in any browser ?
You can use a standard hyperlink preceded by vrf:

As an example :

<a href="vrf:">Open VRF in any browser</a>

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