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We offer 20+ software programs and libraries for free! You even get the source code and tutorials for free. To develop software projects is not without cost though, it takes technical knowledge, time, and effort. Help us keep on making and giving away awesome software projects for free and helping professionals and students alike .There are a few ways in which you can support ou free projects if you which to do so.

Buy webscripts from us

PTSource is a trusted and recognized software provider that provides professional and affordable PHP scripts and components. By working with both new and existing web-applications, our services can save you time and money, while giving you an edge in today's competitive market. See here what webscripts we have currently avaliable that might interest you.

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Services can be provided for clients that may require short or long term staffing for any of our related services. Working on a client's side allows us to better understand client needs and allows us to provide a more effective service as an immediate resource. See here what services we have avaliable that might interest you.

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You don't have to be a developer to support our free work! If you want to receive personal greetings, or just feel all warm and fuzzy inside from helping free software development, donations are very welcome.

Support Our Free Projects

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