Polygonal modeling
Polygonal modeling is an approach for modeling objects by representing or approximating their surfaces using polygons. Polygonal modeling is well suited to scanline rendering and is therefore the method of choice for real-time computer graphics. Alternate methods of representing 3D objects include NURBS surfaces, subdivision surfaces, and equation-based representations used in ray tracers.

PTSource PolyDraw
PTSource PolyDraw is a free 3D polygonal modeller for Windows x86 and x64, for creating or modifying 3D objects using a mesh of 3D points and parametric NURBS Curves .Exports and imports to over 40 formats including WebVR and 3D Printing.


  • Fast rendering (ASM 3d engine)
  • WebVR A-Frame template generation.
  • Exports to WebVR (ready for interactive web viewing), STL for 3D printing, JSON for ThreeJS and more, see supported formats bellow.
  • Allows you to create objects from Sweeps & Extrusions, basic shapes (cubes, cylinders, etc), meshes (vertices & triangles) and parametric NURBS Curves.
  • Pre-made example models inside the program folder under Objects.
  • Has lists to allow you to view & edit all the data by keyboard.

Formats import export table current version

Format Import Export
PTSource PolyDraw Format (.D3D) Yes Yes
PTSource VRGrid Format (.VROBJ) No Yes
3D Studio Binary (.3DS) Yes Yes
3D Studio Ascii (.ASC) Yes Yes
3D Studio Scene (.ASE) Yes Yes
Spreadsheet Text File (.CSV) Yes Yes
Wavefront (.OBJ) + WebVR A-Frame (.HTML) Yes Yes
Wavefront Object (.OBJ) Yes Yes
Collada Object (.DAE) Yes Yes
GLTF Binary (.GLB) No Yes
Stereolithography Binary (.STL) Yes Yes
Stereolithography Ascii (.STL) Yes Yes
Hood Triangle Binary (.TRI) Yes Yes
Hood Triangle Ascii (.TRI) Yes Yes
Open Inventor (.IV) Yes Yes
Stanford Polygon Library (.PLY) Yes Yes
LightWave Object (.LWO) Yes No
LightWave Scene (.LWS) Yes No
TrueSpace Object (.COB) Yes No
TrueSpace Scene (.SCN) Yes No
Quick3D Object (.Q3O) Yes No
Quick3D Scene (.Q3S) Yes No
XGL (.XGL) Yes No
ZGL (.ZGL) Yes No
Modo (.LXO) Yes No
Autodesk ( .FBX ) Yes No
VRML 1.0 (.WRL) No Yes
VRML 2.0 (.WRL) No Yes
ThreeJS (.JSON) No Yes
Stanford Polygon Library (.PLY) Yes Yes
AutoCAD DXF (.DXF) Yes No
POV-Ray (.POV) No Yes
TECPLOT files (.TEC) No Yes
Neutral File Format (.NFF) Yes No
Sense8 WorldToolkit (.NFF) Yes No
RtCW (.MDC) Yes No
Quake I (.MDL) Yes Yes
Quake II (.MD2) Yes No
Quake III (.MD3) Yes No
Quake III Map (.PK3) Yes No
Raw Triangles (.RAW) Yes Yes
Object File Format (.OFF) Yes No
SoftImage (.HRC) Yes Yes
Movie.BYU geometry (.BYU) Yes Yes
Digistar II VLA ( .VLA ) Yes Yes
Biovision ( .BVH ) Yes No
Ogre XML ( .XML ) Yes No
UnreaL ( .3D ) Yes No
Izware Nendo ( .NDO ) Yes No
3D GameStudio Terrain ( .HMP ) Yes No
Terragen Terrain ( .TER ) Yes No
BlitzBasic 3D ( .B3D ) Yes No
Extensible 3D ( .X3D ) No Yes
IFC/Step ( .IFC ) Yes No
Renderware ( .RWX ) No Yes

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