Menu Options

  • Reboot System - Reboots PTSource MiniVM
  • Send Ctrl + Alt + Del - Sends a Ctrl + Alt + Del command to PTSource MiniVM
  • Load Drive A - Loads PTSource MiniVM 2.88 Mb Floppy Drive A (IMG, IMA, FDI Files)
  • Load Drive B - Loads PTSource MiniVM 2.88 Mb Floppy Drive B (IMG, IMA, FDI Files)
  • Load ISO - Loads PTSource MiniVM CDROM Drive (ISO Files)
  • Fullscreen - Sets display in Fullscreen

Command Line Switches

  • --fullscreen - Starts in Fullscreen
  • --initdisk - Sets the C Drive image
  • --sparedisk - Sets the D Drive image
  • --datadisk - Sets the E Drive image
  • --extramem - Sets 128Mb of SDRAM

Desktop Keys

  • Ctrl + End - Take Screenshot
  • Ctrl + Alt + Enter - Leave Fullscreen
  • Ctrl + F10 - Release Mouse

Network Configuration
SLiRP creates a private network with a virtual router that allows the emulator to access the host, its network, and the Internet. On the other hand, the host and other devices on its network cannot reach the emulated computer unless port forwarding is configured. This is similar to NAT mode for other emulators and virtual machines. Use the following static IP settings :

  • Device: NE2000 or compatible
  • IO: 0x300
  • IRQ: 3
  • IP address:
  • Subnet mask:
  • Default gateway:
  • DNS server:

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