VRModes on VRGrid
VRGrid has a VRDriver capable of rendering VR output. VRGrid works out of the box with almost all PCVR head sets.

How to use
By default the VR output and tracker is disabled, to activate it simply load the VRDriver from the VRGrid Configure menu and select the desired mode and tracker desired, then minimize the VRDriver and keep it running and restart VRGrid after. The mode and tracker selected will be avalible on the VRGrid renderer.

Screen & VRModes supported

  • Side by Side
  • DIY Rift
  • Side by Side Rift
  • Over Under
  • Checkerboard
  • AG (Red/Cyan)
  • AG (Red/Cyan) B+W
  • AG (Yellow/Blue)
  • AG (Yellow/Blue) B+W
  • AG (Green/Magenta)
  • AG (Green/Magenta) B+W

Trackers supported

  • Memory Tracker
  • Hillcrest Labs Tracker
  • FreeTrack Tracker

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