Disk Images
Disk images are exact replicas of storage media, capturing every bit of data contained within, including the file system structure, operating system, and user files. These images serve various purposes, from system backups and software distribution to forensic analysis and virtual machine provisioning. Disk images are commonly used in IT environments for replicating entire systems, ensuring data integrity during transfers or preserving evidence in legal investigations. They provide a comprehensive snapshot of a disk's contents, facilitating easy restoration or examination, making them indispensable tools in modern computing.
PTSource MiniVM Disk Images
PTSource MiniVM Disk Images are pre-installed and configured Operating Systems for PTSource MiniVM. All images come with a standard size of 800 Mb but all and can be resized and managed using the included PTSource Imager and our PTSource Tools Disk.

PTSource MiniVMDOS with Windows 3.11

Windows NT4 Workstation

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