Norton Guides
Norton Guides, developed by Peter Norton Computing, was a series of pop-up reference manuals designed to provide on-the-fly assistance for programmers working in the DOS environment. Released in the late 1980s, these guides offered instant access to documentation on various programming languages, libraries, and APIs directly within the text editor or development environment. By pressing a hotkey, developers could quickly retrieve information without leaving their coding workspace, significantly enhancing productivity and reducing the need for physical manuals. Norton Guides supported multiple programming languages and became an invaluable tool for developers needing quick and efficient access to programming references during the era of DOS-based software development.
PTSource Guides
PTSource Guides is a modern and enhanced iteration of the classic Norton Guides for DOS, designed to provide programmers with a comprehensive and user-friendly reference tool. This updated version retains the charm of the original while integrating advanced features such as a more intuitive interface, expanded documentation, and improved search capabilities. PTSource Guides offers seamless compatibility with contemporary DOS environments, ensuring that developers can access vital programming information quickly and efficiently. Its extensive library and streamlined functionality make it an indispensable resource for both seasoned programmers and those new to the DOS platform.

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