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curlcommands @tips
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emonstrates this using the same image file in the above example. <sxh bash;> $ curl -O https://apod.nasa... first one is the //1547452200.jpg// file from the above URL, and the next 4 will increase with the step v... com/ $ curl --head </sxh> The above commands are equivalent and retrieve many importa... emote connections. It works almost similar to the above curl command, as shown in the below example. <sx
nmapcommands @tips
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ap -PN hostname $ nmap -PN </sxh> The above IP address represents the wireless router in my n... localhost $ nmap --reason </sxh> The above commands will show the reasons behind a ports cur... n action. <sxh bash;> $ nmap --iflist </sxh> The above command will display the routes and interfaces wi... map -PS20-25,80,110,443 </sxh> The above command enables Nmap to discover if a host is up
vimcommands @tips
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on. * **ctrl+d** The Page Down variant of the above command. Functions in the same way. * **G** P... ows/ h j k l). * **V** Almost the same as the above one, but instead of a word, this command will hig... ast # number of actions. * **ctrl+r** Use the above command to redo the last undo operation. * *... arch item is. * **N** Almost identical to the above command, but searches in the opposite direction o
tutorial @soft:vrgrid
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ts also happen to make great floors for the layer above them! Numbering layers Layers in a VRF have to ... radius at the specified brightness level. In the above example, if flood were turned on, then light woul... tures themselves, you would want to place a light above the "cc" objects, in layer 3 of your map. The <v... angle is called the "tilt" and describes how far above or below the horizontal plane the light points. P
howtos @soft:platform
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rating MyProject.vcxproj.user... Done. </sxh> The above will generate a project for VS2015. Since PTSourc... rating MyProject.vcxproj.user... Done. </sxh> The above will generate a MinGW-w64 Makefile wich you can c
scripting @soft:vrgrid
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/sxh> //real// read/write The angle of the orb above or below the horizon (90 is directly above, -90 is directly below). <sxh php;> orb.position:angle_y </s
htaccesshowto @tips
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ross-domain AJAX requests, ENABLE CSRF first (see above) # ----------------------------------------------... on with the "ExpiresByType" rules for images (see above). BrowserMatch "MSIE" brokenvary=1 BrowserMatch "
tutorial @soft:polydraw
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op View, hold down the left mouse button slightly above & to the left of the bottom left corner of one of... your keyboard, and left-click in the Front View, above the rectangle, on the vertical cross-hair line. T
tarcommands @tips
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mention its complete path. If you notice in the above example, we have mapped the entire path of the fi
ansiescape @tips
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* 104 - 113 ALT[F1] through ALT[F10] Using the above ASCII Code to Extended Key conversion table and t
tmpwatch @tips
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/tmpwatch 15d /home/linuxbox/Downloads </sxh> The above cronjob will delete files that are older than 15
sidebysideassemblies @tips
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irectly after the public key value encoded in the above path). This is higher than was specified in the m
mysqltosqlite @tips
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al variations on the strftime() functions, of which the Datetime() above is an example. ~~socialite~~
clinks @tips
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IntelĀ® implementation of C++17 STL for C++11 and above. [Apache2] * [[https://www.threadingbuildingblo
escargotmsn @tips
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argotMSN]] warns you to be insecure! As mentioned above, you should prioritize the latest versions that a
keyboardshortcuts @tips
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