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tutorial @soft:vrgrid
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percentage. If you don't specify brightness, the default level is 100%. If you leave out the <sky> tag altogether, the background will default to the sky texture specified in the library. Reme... sly through virtual space. If you want to use the default ground texture specified by the library, then sim... onds, leaves a maximum silence of 5 seconds.) The default values for these attributes are volume="100%", pl
curlcommands @tips
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for curl, it will simply fetch the data using the default communication protocol HTTP. The below command wi... can also download files and save them using their default names. Youll need to utilize the **-O** option fo... specified by their URLs and save them using their default names. The backslash **‘\** is used for spanning ... ther in a sequence and save the files using their default name on the remote server. <well>Retrieve URL He
nmapcommands @tips
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ible. <well> Increase Scan Verbosity </well> The default search provides quite limited information. Nmap o... p to crash the hosts under inspection though. The default Nmap scan utilizes -T3. <well> Enable OS Detec... e Reverse DNS Resolution for All Hosts</well> By default, Nmap performs reverse DNS resolution for only ho... e problem is that most of the time Nmap shows the default services associated with a port. This can cause p
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sky or enclosure image between 0 and 100 percent (default is 100%). <sxh xml;> <sky texture="folder/image.... in units where the fog ends can all be specified. Default fog values are color="(255,255,255)", start="1", end="10", and density="50%". By default, fog is disabled. <sxh xml;> <fog color="(red,gr... ithout having to supply a solid floor. To use the default ground texture, include an "empty" ground tag. If
htaccesshowto @tips
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----------------------------------------------- # Default Lang and Basic Security Behavior # --------------... ------------------------ # X-Powered-By hidden by default nobody will notice if you're using PHP or whatever Header unset X-Powered-By # Set by default UTF-8 charset AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 # Don not a... - # Serve cross-domain Ajax requests, disabled by default. #
tmpwatch @tips
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udes the lost+found directory of the root user.By default, tmpwatch deletes files based on their atime (acc... ginning of the article, Tmpwatch delete files, by default, referring the access time of the files. No need ... suffix to time, since the action is performed by default using the hours unit. For example, run the comman... Setup a cronjob to delete files periodically. By default, it leaves a cronjob file under the /etc/cron.dai
mysqltosqlite @tips
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ost. Think about time functions for examples, or DEFAULT values, or NULLing a NOT NULL timestamp column to... ngs are not present in SQLite. MySQL <sxh php;> DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP </sxh> SQLite <sxh php;> DEFAULT (Datetime('now','localtime')) </sxh> Several variat
bkplinux @tips
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Partimage]] is an open-source software backup, by default it works under Linux system and available to inst... ons, if you dont have a Linux system installed by default you can use SystemRescueCd which is a Live CD that include Partimage by default to do the cloning process that you want. Partima
scripting @soft:vrgrid
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witch (x) { case y { do this } case z { do that } default { do default } } </sxh> While-Do loop <sxh php;> while ( expression ) { do this } </sxh> Do-While loop <sx
vrmodes @soft:vrgrid
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all PCVR head sets. <well> How to use </well> By default the VR output and tracker is disabled, to activat
tutorial @soft:polydraw
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st corner is vertice 3 (and the other two corners default to vertice 1). * Set the second corner of the t
tutorial @soft:ptminivm
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s: * Subnet mask: * Default gateway: * DNS server: ;#;
tutorial @soft:ptshell
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startup it fully supports aliases and it reads by default as fallows : <sxh bash;> alias vi='vim -v' alias
clinks @tips
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* [[|LZMA]] ⚡ - The default and general compression method of 7z format. [Pub
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r/bootstrap-modal|Bootstrap Modal]] - Extends the default Bootstrap Modal class. Responsive, stackable and
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