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te The popup text of the orb hyperlink. <well> player </well> The player object represents the user's position and viewpoint in the vrf. <sxh php;> player.location:column </sxh> //integer// read only The column the player is nearest to. <sxh php;> player.location:row </
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nd can either be played once, once every time the player enters the specified radius (single), looped cont... "keyvalue"> ... script ... </script> </sxh> The <player> tag. Interacts with the view options. The default values for the <player> tag are: move_back="[up]", move_back="[down]", m... r="[pad +]", and go_slower="[pad -]". <sxh xml;> <player size="(x,y,z)" camera="(x,y,z)" vrobj="unit" move
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ed once, there is no more functionality. When the player rolls off the 3d object, it will still appear to
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Integrated Media support * Integrated PTSource Player with embedded WebServer * Custom VRI Texture fo
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le", then the sound will play once every time the player enters the specified radius. If playback=random",