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he <lib> tag. The <lib> tag lets VRGrid know what library of 3d objects and textures to use to display the VRF. The first time VRGrid encounters a new library, the library is downloaded and cached. The next time VRGrid encounters the same library, VRGrid will check if it is cached before attempt
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ditor, you can open or create new libraries, edit library parameters like version, placeholder, sky and gro... you can load your very chosen 3D objects into the library and edit all its parameters. <well> Purposes </w... a very simple task. You just have to create a new library with VRLib Editor and load all your textures, sounds and 3D objects into it. Then save your library template (*.vtpl) for future editing. If you wish
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if you want to specify the minimum version of the library for use in the VRF, if the required attribute is ... visitor will get a warning if the version of the library he is using is lower than the required one. <sxh