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> tags in your VRF file: <sxh xml;> <sky texture="images/clouds.gif" brightness="90%" /> </sxh> The <grou... ags in your VRF file: <sxh xml;> <ground texture="images/dirt.gif" /> </sxh> The <atmosphere> tag. The <a... rid/assets/" /> <map ="(9,9,1)" /> <sky texture="images/clouds.gif" brightness="90%" /> <ground texture="images/dirt.gif" /> <atmosphere brightness="100%" /> <am
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ng the user the ability to view three-dimensional images. <well> PTSource VRGrid </well> PTSource VRGrid ... /}}{{}}{{}} {{
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="11" vrobj="basic:full"> <side name="*" texture="images/sad.gif" /> <action trigger="roll on" > <replace ... ="22" vrobj="basic:full"> <side name="*" texture="images/happy.gif" /> </create> </sxh> Here we have crea... ="22" vrobj="basic:full"> <side name="*" texture="images/happy.gif" /> <action trigger="roll off" /> <repl
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poses of performing calculations and rendering 2D images. The resulting images may be stored for viewing later (possibly as an animation) or displayed in real tim
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</action> </sxh> The <popup> tag . Popups are 2D images that get displayed on the screen when the user tr... imagemap> tag. Defines an imagemap. Imagemaps are images that have areas that contain links to other VRF´S
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ect. <well> VRF Media </well> VRGrid VRF files, images, sounds and other media can be served from anywhe