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ments. * Menu Text: Win32API Context Help * Command: C:\Win32API\Win32.chm * Argument: $(CurrWord)... ng arguments. * Menu Text: Online Service * Command: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe ... uments. * Menu Text: Compile C++ with BCC * Command: C:\Borland\bcc582\bin\bcc32.exe * Argument: $... ory </well> Open the PTSource Shell and issue the command : <sxh bash;> git clone git://
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environments for Windows x86 and x64.) }} <well> Command Line </well> The editor supports command line parameters specifying files to be opened, it allows multiple files to be specified in the command line. Each of the files specified will be opened when the editord starts up. The filenames on the command line should be separated with a space. <well> U