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[[|Standard Template Library]] - The Standard Template Library (STL). * [[|C POSIX library]] - A specification of a C standa
phplinks @tips
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omposer Installers]] - A multi framework Composer library installer. * [[|Compose... ://|Composed]] - A library to parse your project's Composer environment at r... om/tommy-muehle/tooly-composer-script|tooly]] - A library to manage PHAR files in project using Composer. ... ra.Router|Aura.Router]] - A full-featured routing library. * [[|Fast Ro
tutorial @soft:vrgrid
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he <lib> tag. The <lib> tag lets VRGrid know what library of 3d objects and textures to use to display the VRF. The first time VRGrid encounters a new library, the library is downloaded and cached. The next time VRGrid encounters the same library, VRGrid will check if it is cached before attempt
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> jQuery Framework </well> jQuery is a JavaScript library designed to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and ... es that it is the most widely deployed JavaScript library by a large margin, having at least 3 to 4 times more usage than any other JavaScript library. <well> Resources </well> * [[http://api.jquer... chniques, and tutorials for the jQuery JavaScript library. * [[
vrlibeditor @soft:vrgrid
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ditor, you can open or create new libraries, edit library parameters like version, placeholder, sky and gro... you can load your very chosen 3D objects into the library and edit all its parameters. <well> Purposes </w... a very simple task. You just have to create a new library with VRLib Editor and load all your textures, sounds and 3D objects into it. Then save your library template (*.vtpl) for future editing. If you wish
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naryen is a compiler and toolchain infrastructure library for WebAssembly, written in C++]] * [[https:///... ] * [[https:///|Vugu - A modern UI library for Go+WebAssembly]] <well> Data processing </wel... |wasm - Python WebAssembly decoder & disassembler library]] * [[https:///|MXnet.... uild of MXNet, deep learning (neural nets and so) library]] * [[https:///
freecompilers @tips
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egrates the WxBasic interpreter, the SDL graphics library and a graphics engine, so that you can use it to ... . * [[|libFirm]] - C-library that provides a graph-based intermediate represen... [[|libJIT]] - Library for generic Just-In-Time compiler functionality i... me. * [[|myJIT]] - Library for machine-code generation and execution at run-
vrffiles @soft:vrgrid
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if you want to specify the minimum version of the library for use in the VRF, if the required attribute is ... visitor will get a warning if the version of the library he is using is lower than the required one. <sxh... back mode). <sxh xml;> <create unit="unit" vrobj="libraryused:3dobjectname"> ... </create> </sxh> Below is ... attributes: <sxh xml;> <create unit="unit" vrobj="libraryused:3dobjectname"> <param orient="up|down|north|s
webvrlinks @tips
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://|html2three]] * A library for creating VR web-sites using HTML and CSS <wel... |WebVR Physics]] * Combines the Cannon.js physics library with the [[|Ray Input library]]. <well> Community </well> * [[https://webvr-
tutorial @soft:phphum
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get_function_address - Retrieves the address of a library function * wb_get_id - Returns the identifier o... from disk and returns a handle to it * wb_load_library - Loads a DLL into memory * wb_main_loop - Ente... h - Refreshes or redraws an object * wb_release_library - Releases a DLL from memory * wb_save_image -
shelllinks @tips
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[|Beets]] - Music library manager and MusicBrainz tagger * [[https://gith... s://|rebash]] - Scripting library/framework. Features: imports, exceptions, doc-tes
calculator @soft:platform
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ns which are very similar to those used in C math library. <well> Sample </well> sin(1.2) + atan2(3.2, 4
nmapcommands @tips
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point to unauthorized networks. Moreover, a large library of pre-built scripts makes Nmap more powerful tha
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omeetienne/threex.ammo|Ammo Physics Component]] * Library integrating [[|three.js]] and
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//|Free voice recognition library (annyang)]] <well> Geolocation </well> * [[http