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* Cloud based VRF files * Native VR support * Github hosting support for team management * [[:soft:p
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e as a (*.vlib) , then upload the library to your Github hosting space and note a lib tag in your VRF file
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nd install the VRGrid application * Get a free Github account since this tutorial will use Github for hosting <alert type="success" icon="glyphicon glyphicon-i... well> Getting Started </well> After creating a Github account create a repository. In your Github profile page go to "Repositories" then "New" and fill in the
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t for 3D models.) }} <well> Cloud Hosting </well> GitHub is not only a great place to store and share your... for your projects. VRGrid supports and encourages Github hosting so you and your team can collaborate in y... the web but VRGrid only reads libraries hosted on Github . Github offers static HTTPS hosting for all members in this way its easy to get your VRF up and running