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standard library for POSIX systems. * [[|ISO C++ Standards Committee]] - ISO... Library. <well> Frameworks </well> * [[|abseil-cpp]] - Abseil C++ C... ortable C++ source libraries. [MIT] * [[|Boost]] ⚡ - A large collection of ge... ] [[|website]] * [[|BDE]] - The BDE Development Env
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dern Unix shell language called Oil * [[|shenv]] - Simple shell version ma... > Command-Line Productivity </well> * [[|AdvancedNewFi... ve way. Inspired by the Vim plugin. * [[|ag]] - Super fast ... earch through a directory hierarchy * [[|aliases]] - Contextual,
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well> Dependency Management </well> * [[|Composer Installers]] - A... to build one file Composer scripts. * [[|Pickle]] - A PHP extension installer. * [[|Composed]] - A library t... 's Composer environment at runtime. * [[|Composer Merg
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W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality]] [[|[Slides]]] ... ebVR Ecosystem and API Update" meetup]] [[|[Slides]... Talk on A-Frame at NingJS 2016 [[|[Slides]]] * [[https:... ces of VR <well> Components </well> * [[|Along Path
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en contributing to jQuery projects. * [[|jQuery guide for... your team. <well> Tutorials </well> * [[|jQuery pat... .mobi) //(Registration required)//. * [[|jQuery fundamentals... to browse the jQuery documentation. * [[|TodoMVC]] - Helps you select
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//|Official Site]] * [[https:///|GitHub]] * [[https:///|WebAssembly MDN]] ... ebAssembly Wikipedia]] * [[https:///|WebAssembly Specification]] <well> Online Playground </well> * [[https:///|WebAssembly Explorer]] * [[htt
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ag-description=(Great collection of tutorials for GitHub usage.) metatag-media-og:image=(:tips:githublink... og:description=(Great collection of tutorials for GitHub usage.) }} <well> GitHub </well> GitHub, Inc. is a subsidiary of Microsoft which provides hosting for software development and ver
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y features of the ISO C99 standard. * [[|AsmJIT]] - Complete x86/x64 JIT... mpiler Collection (C as a Backend). * [[|LCC]] - The lcc retargetable ANSI C c... eneration and execution at run-time. * [[|OrangeC]] - Win32 C11/C++2014... mpatible parser generator for Java. * [[|CGLIB]] - High level API library
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nd install the VRGrid application * Get a free Github account since this tutorial will use Github for hosting <alert type="success" icon="glyphicon glyphicon-i... well> Getting Started </well> After creating a Github account create a repository. In your Github profile page go to "Repositories" then "New" and fill in the
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<well> Frameworks </well> * [[|ReactVR]] * Build VR websites and i... ractive 360 experiences with React. * [[|SceneVR]] * Create multiuser 3... with Lua. <well> Libraries </well> * [[|html2three]] * A library f... ML and CSS <well> Utilities </well> * [[|WebVR Boilerplate]
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> Articles and standards </well> * [[|THML 5.2 Editor's Draft]] * [[https://... Web Cryptography API draft]] * [[|Table of web cryptography ... ing local files in JavaScript]] * [[|File API Draft]] * [[http://www.w3.... |Video from google developers]] * [[|Draft from W3C]] <well> requestI
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midnight-commander, dosbox) metatag-description=(Github Git Cheatsheet.) metatag-media-og:image=(:tips:githubgitcheatsheet.png) metatag-og:description=(Github Git Cheatsheet.) }} <well> Git and GitHub </well> Git and GitHub are not the same thing. Git is an open-source, version control tool created in 200
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t for 3D models.) }} <well> Cloud Hosting </well> GitHub is not only a great place to store and share your... for your projects. VRGrid supports and encourages Github hosting so you and your team can collaborate in y... the web but VRGrid only reads libraries hosted on Github . Github offers static HTTPS hosting for all members in this way its easy to get your VRF up and running
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ew tests on sample files. * [[|Test a FLV Video here]] * [[|Test a AVI Video here]] * [[|Test a MP4 Video here]] * [[|Test a MKV Video here]]
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en it may fall back to IE7 mode # futher details: for the rood of websites ## # Change ptsource.github to be your primary domain. # RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?ptsource.github$ # # Change 'subfolder' to be the folder ... ule ^(.*)$ /repositories/$1 # Change ptsource.github to be your primary domain again. # Change 's
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