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ANSI C gui library. [PublicDomain] * [[|QCustomPlot]] - Qt plotting widget without further dependencies. [GPLv3] * [[http://qwt.source... age loading/manipulation & thumbnail generation. [custom permissive license, requires mention in user docs... which is designed to be fast, modular and highly customizable. [MIT] * [[
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it interacts with the web. Thats why you need to customize it to maximize not only control but also searc... ----------------------------------------------- # Custom Errors page # -----------------------------------... ----------------------------------- # You can add custom pages to handle 500 or 403 pretty easily, if you ... pl .py .asp .shtml .sh .cgi # optional logging. # CustomLog insert-path-and-name-of-log common env=bad-ran
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t CSV command line toolkit written in Rust <well> Customization </well> * [[ meni/gittify|gittify]] - A colorful Bash prompt + customized Git aliases * [[ [[|git-sh]] - A customized Bash environment suitable for Git work * [[... -Kitchen]] - A text-based kitchen for Android ROM customization. Uses shell scripts and works with Cygwin/
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CMF]] - A Content Management Framework to create custom CMS. <well> Content Management Systems (CMS) </we... alysis|PhpDependencyAnalysis]] - A tool to create customisable dependency graphs. * [[ /|Shopware]] - Highly customizable e-commerce software * [[
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radleyfl/aframe-gridhelper|Grid Helper]] * Create customizable grids * [[ Components]] * Allows the creation, control, and custom skins on Minecraft-like characters * [[https://
2 Hits, Last modified:|Custom elements v1: reusable web components]] * [[|Polymer project]]
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rt them into an .iso image, you can also create a custom Live CD with Mondo using “mindi” which is a speci
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l> Since Nmap offers an abundance of default and custom scripts, its hard to remember the details about t
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n combine many of such Vim commands to solve your custom needs. This section of the guide covers some elem
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Help and support home page] ALT + A [Display the customer support page] ALT + C [Display the TABle of Con
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ion file located in /etc/timereaper.conf. You can customize the file according to your requirement. It run
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ation information using the **-U** flag. <well>Customize Name Resolutions</well> Often site admins
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one (9.0.21022.8) is selected. It is possible to customise the version by defining your own values (e.g.
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platforms. Its intuitive interface and extensive customization options make it a favorite among Linux use
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or your existing forms, while making all kinds of customizations to fit your application really easy. *