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s it as //pic-of-the-day.jpg//. The **-o** option allows you to do this. This option is actually not requi... well>Download Multiple Files</well> cURL also allows us to download multiple files at the same time. I... get interrupted for some reason. Thankfully, cURL allows us to resume paused downloads using the **-C** op... arts of URLs</well> The cURL command in Linux allows us to select parts of URLs by specifying them as
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y machine connected to a particular network. Nmap allows admins to scan hosts using their IP address or ho... Hosts from Nmap Scan </well> The –exclude option allows users to exclude specific hosts from a given IP r... <well> Scan Hosts for Specific Ports </well> Nmap allows admins to check hosts for only some specific port... ee Why a Port is in a Certain State </well> Nmap allows users to investigate why a certain port is in som
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romannino/Justified-Gallery|Justified Gallery]] - Allows you to create a gallery with a justified grid. ... jQuery Mapael]] - Plugin based on raphael.js that allows you to display dynamic vector maps. * [[https:/... m/multi-level-push-menu|Multi-level push menu]] - Allows endless nesting of navigation elements. * [[htt
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------------------------------------ # Keep-Alive allows the server to send multiple requests through one ... ent # when your cert only allows # <IfModule mod_rewrit
2 Hits, Last modified:|ZBar]] - A barcode scanner library, which allows to scan photos/images/video streams for barcodes ... e]] - An online compiler and debugging tool which allows you to compile source code and execute it online
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Reflection]] - AST-based reflection library that allows analysis and manipulation of code * [[https://c... mia/super_closure|SuperClosure]] - A library that allows Closures to be serialized. * [[https://github.c
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oola]] * Beloola is a social Web VR platform that allows people with shared passions to congregate in the
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undo the last operation. Combining with a postfix allows users to undo multiple actions. So, u# undos the
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the windows subsystem for Linux. The first method allows you to enable the WSL from the command prompt. An
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]] - Accepts inputs like grep, searches, git etc; allows selecting files from the result of the input, whi
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rame-minecraft.js|Minecraft Avatar Components]] * Allows the creation, control, and custom skins on Minecr
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cs/Main_Page/index.html|HTML official reference]](allows collaborative modification of content like wiki)