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tutorial @soft:vrgrid
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ilt, specified in whole number degrees. The first value specifies what direction (north, south, east, wes... . Possible values range from 0 to 359. The second value specifies whether they will be looking up or down, with possible values of -90 to 90. The default value is "0,0" which will leave your visitors facing north, and parallel to the horizon. A value of "90,0" will set your visitors facing directly
curlcommands @tips
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e URL, and the next 4 will increase with the step value 25. <well>Retrieve URLs from Files</well> It... </well> HTTP headers may contain several name-value pairs which enable the client or server to transm... reates a form field called password and sends its value from the file //passfile//. <well>Set Personal... > HTTP PUT requests allow users to update the value of a field over remote connections. It works almo
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ditor calculator: $ans .If you want to use the value that was evaluated in the earler step, use a special variable named $ans. $pi .The value of the variable $pi is 3.1415926535. <well> Samp... cs Functions </well> abs, fabs fabs(x) - absolute value functions returns the absolute value of x, |x|. mod, fmod fmod(x, y) - remainder functions returns the
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low this basic syntax: <sxh xml;> <tag attribute="value" /> </sxh> Tags that bound other groups of tags f... ow this basic syntax: <sxh xml;> <tag1 attribute="value"> <tag2 attribute="value" /> </tag1> </sxh> The tags that can bound other tags are: <sxh xml;> * <vrf>... an equals sign must be surrounded by quotes. Any value that describes an x,y or x,y,z coordinate must be
tutorial @soft:phphum
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In the callback function, param1 can receive the value IDDEFAULT to refer to the parent window itself in... m parent * wb_get_pixel - Returns the RGB color value of a pixel * wb_get_position - Retrieves the po... l or window * wb_get_registry_key - Returns the value of a registry entry * wb_get_selected - Returns... indow, menu item, an item, or sub-item * wb_get_value - Retrieves the value of a control, item, or sub-
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der-only C++ library written for CUDA. The unique value of the library is in its accelerated primitives f... /|LevelDB]] - A fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides a... ://|LMDB]] - Very fast embedded key/value store with full ACID semantics. [OpenLDAP] * [[...|RocksDB]] - Embedded key-value store for fast storage from facebook. [BSD] * [
scripting @soft:vrgrid
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ariablename> <!-- or --> <variablename attribute="value" /> </define> </sxh> The <function> tag. Defines... the given index. <sxh php;> array.insert(index, value) </sxh> Inserts a new element before the given index. <sxh php;> array.prepend(value) </sxh>  Inserts a new element at the start of the array. <sxh php;> array.append(value) </sxh> Inserts a new element at the end of the
htaccesshowto @tips
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on cookie to something else, than PHPSESSID # php_value XGOSID # Disable magic quotes (This ... Off # Level of log detail - log all errors # php_value error_reporting -1 # Write errors to log file # p... _source Off # Size limit for error messages # php_value log_errors_max_len 1024 # Don not precede error w... t empty string, use whitespace if you need) # php_value error_prepend_string " " # Don not prepend to err
mysqltosqlite @tips
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results, or several fields in a row. <sxh php;> $value=$db->singleQuery($query); </sxh> When you want returned a single-value result, for example when the query is something l... fetch_array or similar, and then select the first value with [0]) <well> Fetch results </well> MySQL <sxh
tutorial @soft:polydraw
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X co-ordinate of the first and last vertices to a value of 0. To do this, double-click on the X co-ordina... the lists, and hit ENTER (or RETURN) to edit the value.) * Type in '0' as the X co-ordinate. The first
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ared with the standard syntax. You can change the value of -T from 0 to 5, where 5 denotes the most aggre... ikely to alarm the remote host. You can lower the value of the –version-intensity option to increase anon
sidebysideassemblies @tips
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0.30729.4148 (found directly after the public key value encoded in the above path). This is higher than w... are three REG_BINARY values present, each with a value of 01 (meaning enabled; 00 means disabled). *
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th easy installation and purchasers with the best value for their money. <well> Buy webscripts from us <
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e Bash escape character. It preserves the literal value of the next character that follows, with the exce
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nly used when the trigger is "timer". If only one value is included for delay, then the delay will always
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