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keyboardshortcuts @tips
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[Display Help] F2 [Rename the selected item] F3 [Search for a file or folder] F4 [Display the address bar... p] Win + E [Open File Explorer] Win + F [Open the Search charm and search for files] Win + H [Open the Share charm] Win + I [Open the Settings charm] Win + K [Ope... se a presentation display mode] Win + Q [Open the Search charm to search everywhere or within the open app
shelllinks @tips
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reer/the_silver_searcher|ag]] - Super fast string search through a directory hierarchy * [[https://githu...|borg]] - A terminal based search engine for bash commands * [[ tps://|googler]] - Google Search, Google Site Search, Google News from the terminal * [[|googlr]] - Com
regexp @soft:platform
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x64.) }} <well> RegExp </well> Normally, when you search for a sub-string in a string, the match should be exact. So if we search for a sub-string "abc" then the string being sear... r a match to be found. We can extend this kind of search to a case insensitive search where the sub-string "abc" will find strings like "Abc", "ABC" etc. That is,
vimcommands @tips
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ext editor. Glance over the below Vim commands to search through your document effectively. * **/** ... pe / and follow it with the texts you want Vim to search for you and look out at the consoles bottom corne... r. * **/\c** The \c option, when piped to the search (/) command, lets users search for texts in a case sensitive manner. Wise utilization of this command can
tutorial @soft:vrgrid
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here are 3 different kinds of vrf_lights (static, search, and revolve). A static vrf_light shines a still ... ould look like this: <sxh xml;> <vrf_light style="search" position="(x,y,z)" brightness="brightness%" radi... "angle" speed="cycles_per_second" /> </sxh> In a search style vrf_light, you can define two different directions and the search light will move smoothly back and forth between t
nmapcommands @tips
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ldcard for this purpose. Adding wildcards to your search will inspect every available host. <sxh bash;> $... well> Increase Scan Verbosity </well> The default search provides quite limited information. Nmap offers the -v option to add extra verbosity to your search. When used, this flag will force Nmap to output additional information about your search. <sxh bash;> $ nmap -v </sxh> Simply
curlcommands @tips
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tries to fetch the non-www version of the Google search. It results in a message which indicates that thi... . <sxh bash;> $ curl -v $ curl --verbose </sxh> Both of the above commands are eq... ;> $ curl --trace dumpfile $ curl --trace -
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g services including social media, web design and search engine marketing in one pack.// </caption> ;#; <b... ks:start|PTSource WebLinks]] * //is a lightweight search engine written in PHP, using MySQL as its back en... base. It is a great tool for building your custom search engine.// * </caption> * ;#; * <button type="succ
htaccesshowto @tips
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s for seo, redirects, urls, content crawl </well> Search engine optimizations (SEO) is all about making your website search engine friendly and help rank pages or posts. In ... ustomize it to maximize not only control but also search engine optimization. With the use of .htaccess fo
sidebysideassemblies @tips
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) that is in the global application loader module search path. Commonly people publishing software would a... looking for the name of the DLL in the available search paths. If you're missing the MFC 8 runtime then t
platform @soft:platform
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izable tools * Column markers * Bookmarks * Search and replace with regular expressions * Search and replace in multiple files * Supports calling extern
subsystemforlinux @tips
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n administrator. You can find the cmd tool on the search bar of your Windows menu. Then click on the run a... our Windows machine, open the Microsoft Store and search for your desired distribution of Linux. Usually,
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g services including social media, web design and search engine marketing in one pack.// </caption> ;#; <b
howtos @soft:platform
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ute: No After that, you can press F1 to see the search index when the caret is on the word you want to l
vrffiles @soft:vrgrid
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s in degrees. <sxh xml;> <vrf_light style="static|search|revolve" location="(column,row,layer)" position="
tmpwatch @tips
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aframelinks @tips
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