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usage than any other JavaScript library. <well> Resources </well> * [[|API document... plugin development. * [[ holas Johnson//. * [[|jQuery Succinctly, Syncf... d tutorial alike blog posts. <well> Miscellaneous Resources </well> * [[|jQuery Foundati
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level service offering. It enhances your in-house resources and skills with technical resources who are available to support all our software packages. PTSource will no... support is committed to helping you maximize your resources and skills to gain a competitive advantage. PTSou
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tatag-description=(Great collection of libraries, resources and tools for Shell usage.) metatag-media-og:imag... ag-og:description=(Great collection of libraries, resources and tools for Shell usage.) }} <well> Unix Shell ... ht OS X virtualization solution. <well> Books and Resources </well> * [[
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tutorials/learn-git|Programming Community Curated Resources for Learning Git]] * [[ hard E. Silverman * [[|Git Succinctly, Syncfusion]
html5links @tips
2 Hits, Last modified:|Over 380 resources on HTML5 game development]] * [[https://github.... orials/learn-html-5|Programming Community Curated Resources for learning HTML5]] <well> Weekly news </well>
ptshell @soft:ptshell
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indows based applications, data, and other system resources with applications, software tools, and data of th
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* [[|UI/UX VR]] * A list of resources about the UI/UX considerations for VR. ~~soc
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self-signed SSL certificates. When querying these resources, curl will print an SSL certificate warning messa
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n used by engines such as Unity. <well> Official Resources </well> * [[|Official Site]]
webasmlinks @tips
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ndbox as regular JavaScript code. <well> General Resources </well> * [[|Official Si
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tp://|]] - The C++ Resources Network. * [[|C FAQ]] - C freq
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Symfony HTTP Client]] - A component to fetch HTTP resources synchronously or asynchronously. * [[https://gi
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nts of algorithms including their correctness and resources consumption, and implementation (commonly referre