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bio/composed|Composed]] - A library to parse your project's Composer environment at runtime. * [[https://... cript|tooly]] - A library to manage PHAR files in project using Composer. * [[|Tora... h other and from any framework. * [[|Hoa Project]] - Another package of PHP components. * [[|League of Extra
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n a few 100k that you can include right into your project. [PublicDomain] * [[ t]] - GNU `gettext'. [GPL2] * [[|IBM ICU]] - A set of C/C++ and Java librarie... Cloud Library is a standalone, large scale, open project for 2D/3D image and point cloud processing [BSD] ... s based on clang. * [[|cquery]] - A C++ code completion engine f
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y which reads a scripted definition of a software project and, most commonly, uses it to generate project files for toolsets like Visual Studio, Xcode, or GNU Make.... kspace" configurations { "Debug", "Release" } project "MyProject" kind "ConsoleApp" language "C++... nning Premake. Create a premake5.lua file in your project directory. Open the PTSource Shell a run premake.
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[[|bash]] - GNU Project's shell (Bourne Again SHell) * [[ eractive CLI that generates a .gitignore for your project based on your needs. * [[ Prog-Intro-HOWTO.html#toc|The Linux Documentation Project: Bash Programming - Intro/How-to]] * [[http://w...|The Linux Documentation Project: Advanced Bash Scripting Guide]] * [[https://en
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ting so you and your team can collaborate in your project. <well> VRF Media </well> VRGrid VRF files, ima... cts so unlimited number of people can work in one project, also libraries and files are never lost and alwa... a member, after this create a repository for your project. After your repository as been created we need to
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t the service back to life and is functional! The project was developed by [[|Es... e communication services. Being a somewhat remote project and removed from Microsoft itself, of course it w
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2 Hits, Last modified:|Emscripten - LLVM-based project that compiles C and C++]] * [[https:///github.c... > Python </well> * [[https:///|Pyodide - The Python scientific stack run
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Super Tiny Compiler]] - Tiny educational compiler project in JavaScript. * [[ mVM]] - [[|GitHub project mirror]]. * [[|Apach
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onents]] * [[|Polymer project]] * [[|Building web components using Polymer and ES6 classes]]
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ement, continuous integration and wikis for every project. <well> Git </well> * [[|Git
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anges </well> Browse and inspect the evolution of project files <sxh bash;> $ git log </sxh> Lists version
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& FreeWrap * [[:soft:vrgrid:start|VRGrid]] * Project Manager * Themes * Macros * Sample code *