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the <sky> tag. Brightness is expressed as a whole number percentage. If you don't specify brightness, the ... other lights. Brightness is expressed as a whole number percentage. If you set your atmosphere light rela... building. Each layer in a VRF must have the same number of rows and columns. If you need to add extra row... er> tags. The <layer> tag has just one attribute: number, number="1" refers to the bottom layer of a VRF,
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ay() - current date returns the current date as a number. i.g. 20180807 (Aug. 07, 2018) yeardays yeardays(year) - number of days in a year returns the actual number of days in the given year. monthdays monthdays(year, month) - number of days in a month returns the actual number of d
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] CTRL + + or CTRL + – [Zoom in or out of a large NUMBER of items, like apps pinned to the Start screen] C... ize of desktop icons or zoom in or out of a large NUMBER of items, like apps pinned to the Start screen] C... [Restore minimized windows on the desktop] Win + (NUMBER 1-9) [Open the desktop and start the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. If the app is already running, it switches to th
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ement of the 3D objects in the resulting VRF. The number attribute is required the name attribute is optio... higher floor layer of the VRF. <sxh xml;> <layer number="number" name="name"> ...rows of units... </layer> </sxh> The <enter> tag. Defines a location where viewe... key down| key up|key hold" key="keyvalue" radius="number-of-units" delay="min..max" /> <execute action her
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ey down|key hold|key up)" delay="seconds" radius="number_of_units" key="keyvalue"> ... script ... </script... rray.elements </sxh> //integer// read only The number of elements in the array. <sxh php;> array[index... sions:columns </sxh> //integer// read only The number of columns in the map. <sxh php;> map.dimensions:rows </sxh> //integer// read only The number of rows in the map. <sxh php;> map.dimensions:la
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than the standard arrow keys. Prefix them with a number to get the most out of these Vim commands. So, fo... same way. * **G** Prefix the G command with a number to jump directly to a specific line number. Suppose, if you have line numbering enabled and are writing a... by merely typing 10G. * **#** Given, # is the number of a specific line, entering this command will ta
ansiescape @tips
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sor Position (CUP) The first # specifies the line number, the second # specifies the column. The default f... * ESC[#A - Cursor Up (CUU) Moves the cursor UP # number of lines * ESC[#B - Cursor Down (CUD) Moves the cursor DOWN # number of lines * ESC[#C - Cursor Forward (CUF) Moves the cursor RIGHT # number of columns * ESC[#D - Cursor Backward (CUB) Mov
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o continue the download. This offset is the exact number of bytes that have been downloaded already, and y... er as done in this example. <well>Grab a Random Number</well> Another funny curl command I often use to grab a random number is listed below. You can leverage this command wh... ommand and run it multiple times. Youll get a new number each time you run it in your Linux terminal.
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les with the ".c" extension. To specify the line number at which to position the cursor when the file is opened, the line number should be specified with '/L' switch. i.e. <well>
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Scripts</well> NSE comes pre-loaded with a large number of safe scripts that do their tasks exceptionally... ora of options, you can easily create an unending number of commands. We outline some often used commands
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tep in|step out|proximity|timer|location" radius="number-of-units" delay="min..max" /> .. action to execut... for delay, then the delay will always be the same number of seconds. If a minimum and maximum delay are sp
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points. Click on 'Edit->Select None' (or hit the number '0') to de-select all vertices, to show all the v... y' of the curve and hit 'Enter'. This reduces the number of vertices that will be created for the curve.
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texture wrangling library with support for a wide number of common lossy and RAW formats. [Modified BSD] ... ommath|LibTomMath]] - A free open source portable number theoretic multiple-precision integer library writ
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--------- # To avoid displaying the exact version number of Apache being used, add the # following to http
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r application * wb_get_item_count - Returns the number of items in an object * wb_get_item_list - Retu
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