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untime. Another library of cross-platform utility functions. [Apache2] * [[|ASL]] - ... fff|fff]] - A micro-framework for creating fake C functions. [MIT] * [[ redom/utf8.h|utf8.h]] - Single header utf8 string functions for C and C++. [Unlicense] <well> Inter-process c... c-cpp]] - A simple RPC wrapper generator to C/C++ functions. [BSD] * [[|xml
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= 3.338307 The editor supports basic mathematics functions which are very similar to those used in C math li... 809 <well> Following list shows basic mathematics functions supported by the editor </well> abs, fabs, mod, f... pow, sqr, sqrt <well> Following list shows date functions supported by the editor </well> today, yeardays,... , termsbet, termfrac, yearfrac <well> Mathematics Functions </well> abs, fabs fabs(x) - absolute value functi
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l> The <define> tag .Defines script variables and functions. The <define> tag can be contained by <design> an... vrf is rendered. </alert> The <script> tag. Call functions and perform other scripting operations. <sxh xml;... rf. It also holds all of the global variables and functions defined in the stand-alone <define> tag in a vrf.... h </well> The math object provides mathematical functions and constants. <sxh php;> math.pi </sxh> //real
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mock|PHP-Mock]] - A mock library for built-in PHP functions (e.g. time()). * [[ /|Patchwork]] - A library for redefining userland functions. * [[|P... * [[|On PHP 5.3, Lambda Functions and Closures]] - An article about lambda functions and closur
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e3::escapeString($string); </sxh> <well> Database functions </well> Just converting the PHP functions wont be sufficient for most. Think about time functions for examples, or DEFAULT values, or NULLing a NOT N... e')) </sxh> Several variations on the strftime() functions, of which the Datetime() above is an example.
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efine> tag is used to define script variables and functions in your VRF. See Scripting for more details. <sxh xml;> <define> ... variables and functions ... </define> </sxh> The <include> tag. The <inc... ions_per_second"/> </sxh> The <script> tag .Call functions and perform other scripting operations. See Scrip
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riendly, expressive shell features like anonymous functions and data structures * [[|f... ine JSON processing tool by anononymus JavaScript functions <well> Applications </well> * [[https://github.... ompose, document, version and organize your shell functions * [[
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run. * Access to the vast range of existing PHP functions and extensions. * A small set of functions encapsulates many complex aspects of the Windows API . * Prov
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cs Device Interface) and more. A set of low-level functions allows the programmer to access any Windows funct... wb_sys_dlg_color(NULL); ?> </sxh> <well> Callback functions and window handlers </well> PHP-HUM implements
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ginning with the Escape character, used to define functions to the terminal. You can use these escape sequenc... nd line using PROMPT. <well> Ansi Cursor Control Functions </well> * ESC[#;#H - Cursor Position (CUP) Th
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nge(5): print "Iteration:", i ``` 6. **Functions:** ```python # def greet(name): return "Hello, " + name + "!" print greet("
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over time, its pretty hard to remember all of its functions for beginners. Luckily, the Nmap documentation pr
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all vertices if nothing is selected). The basic functions of each mode are: * Edit mode (hit 'E'): Move
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onent|Plot]] * Render 3D plots using mathematical functions or data. * [[
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m/becavalier/eufa|Eufa - a high efficient utility functions library written in webassembly]] * [[https:///g
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