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tarcommands @tips
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contents present in an archive * Add a file or directory in an existing archive * Delete a file or directory from an archive * Concatenate multiple archive files... the end of another archive. | |-C --directory=DIR |Extract contents(Files/Directories) to a specific directory| |--delete |Delete from the a
tmpwatch @tips
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hat are no longer needed on your computer in some directory. It could be either in Download or any other directory that has been used frequently. It might have grown up... iles or files which are no longer in use from the Directory, otherwise it will slow down your system performa... very difficult to search a file in such a clumsy directory which is having thousands of files, when you are
sidebysideassemblies @tips
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ude copies of these DLLs in the local application directory just to be safe, in case the client did not have ... of copying the runtime into the local application directory will not fix this because the loader looks for th... (described by the manifest) in the Windows\WinSxS directory only (unless a manifest file is explicity include... required assembly). Therefore it is to the WinSxS directory that the runtime must be copied! Luckily no addit
shelllinks @tips
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earcher|ag]] - Super fast string search through a directory hierarchy * [[ Jintin/aliasme|aliasme]] - alias helper to change directory quickly * [[|autoenv]] - Directory-based environments * [[ [|bashmarks]] - Directory bookmarks for the shell * [[
curlcommands @tips
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After curl has finished, simply list your current directory for viewing the downloaded file. <well>Download ... all documents inside **/public/dir/** since its a directory. However, if we point curl to a file, itll downlo... ill download the //image.jpg// file in your local directory. <well>Upload Documents via FTP</well> Uploa... ds the file //image1.jpg// to the **/public/dir** directory. The second one uploads all three files, and the
howtos @soft:platform
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e Win32API help file (Win32.chm) in the following directory. C:\Win32API\Win32.chm - Open Preferences dia... ip it to c:\borland\bcc582 - Make sure that the directory containing bcc32.exe is in your system environmen... ample we have a the birds.tcl script in the Birds directory. Open the PTSource Shell and issue the command : ... l32.dll </sxh> Put opengl32.def into the tcc/lib directory at "C:\PTSOURCE\Platform\PTEditor\bin\lib". Speci
ptdiff @soft:ptdiff
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e file, or entire directories * File filters in directory diff * Merge differences * Directory recursion * Integrated editor (with multi-level undo/redo) * Fi
nmapcommands @tips
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ategories. The final example loads scripts from a directory. You can write personalized NSE scripts and load ... utput to a file called scan-report in the current directory. You can also do this using the Unix redirection
githubgitcheatsheet @tips
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s to the specified branch and updates the working directory <sxh bash;> $ git merge [branch] </sxh> Combines ... nit </sxh> The git init command turns an existing directory into a new Git repository inside the folder you a
htaccesshowto @tips
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`RewriteBase /foo` instead where # 'foo' is your directory. # If your web host does not allow the FollowSyml... inks RewriteBase / # ## Force public directory for the rood of websites ## # Change ptsource
git @soft:ptshell
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te a new Git repository or initialize an existing directory as a Git repository. ```bash git init
ansiescape @tips
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or video, this will set the prompt to display the directory $p$g and display it in red against blue. * ESC
tutorial @soft:ptshell
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imple ini file called PTShell.ini in the PTSource directory as its RC startup it fully supports aliases and i
tutorial @soft:vrgrid
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ting the VRF file the assets tag sets the include directory for files (i.e., VRI'S, textures, sounds, script
subsystemforlinux @tips
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u the root privileges and work under the system32 directory. ;#; {{shots:runasadmin.png?nolink}} ;#; Now, run
vrffiles @soft:vrgrid
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