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subsystemforlinux @tips
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t of the Linux kernel. If we look at the hardware configuration system, WSL1 and WSL2 can provide stable performa... for Linux. Once you are done with your account’s configuration, it will show you your current version of your Linux distribution, IP configuration status, and other support links. Before you run t
clinks @tips
3 Hits, Last modified:|LIBUCL]] ⚡ - Universal configuration library parser [?] * [[ itrarily granular control over log management and configuration. [BSD & Apache2] * [[ /|Lua]] - A minimal and fast scripting engine for configuration files and basic application scripting. [MIT] *
phplinks @tips
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setter injection, interface and trait awareness, configuration inheritance, and much more. * [[https://github....|RedBean]] - A lightweight, configuration-less ORM. * [[|
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of .htaccess for SEO, you can override the server configuration with your requirement. <well> Htaccess How To </well> <sxh plain;> # Apache configuration file #
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rams that cause error messages like "side-by-side configuration is incorrect", or "Missing MSVCRT.DLL" or "MSVCP1
ptsget @soft:ptsget
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enables an auto-update feature on all tools. Your configuration files will never be deleted nor overwritten which
mutt @soft:ptlynx
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ME, OpenPGP, and a threaded sorting mode. <well> Configuration </well> Edit Muttrc located at "C:\PTSOURCE\PTLyn
tmpwatch @tips
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er directory. This cronjob works according to the configuration file located in /etc/timereaper.conf. You can cus
sidebysideassemblies @tips
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ation has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fi
formats @soft:platform
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ema - JAL(Just Another Language) - Apache Configuration - RWX Language - SIOD Language - WinR
websafe @soft:websafe
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* To add extra sucurity and disable access to the configuration file and the database you shoud add the following
shelllinks @tips
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[[|hippo]] - Host configuration file management based on git. * [[https://githu
ptlynx @soft:ptlynx
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ynx:tips|How Tos]] * [[:soft:ptlynx:mutt|Mutt Configuration]] <well> Features </well> * PDF Reader * Ima
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