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n about content, and cookies among others. <well>Check Whether a Site Supports HTTP/2</well> The HTT... ites have started to adopt it, and you can easily check whether a site supports HTTP/2 or not using the b... for checking the availability of HTTP/2. You can check our thorough guide on grep to understand this com... nd allow untrusted network communications. <well>Check Whether a Site is Down</well> The curl comman
nmapcommands @tips
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for Specific Ports </well> Nmap allows admins to check hosts for only some specific ports. The below com... information. Malicious users usually use this to check whether a host is running any vulnerable service ... elpful at deducing the content of remote servers. Check out the below command to see this into action. <... output of this command can help network admins to check for outdated SSL services and patch them before a
tarcommands @tips
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le2.txt**, **data/file3.txt** in the command. To check the path of files/directories use the following c... ar -xvf myfiles.tar --wildcards fi* </sxh> <well> Check the version of tar command </well> You can check the tar command version using the following command.
shelllinks @tips
3 Hits, Last modified:|has]] - ''%%has%%'' helps you check presence of various command line tools and their ... * [[|isitup]] - Check whether a website is up or down * [[https://git... com/chubin/|]] - ⛅ The right way to check the weather (curl <well> Games </well>
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s with that letter] SPACEBAR [Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box] BACKSPACE [Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected i
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e VRGrid encounters the same library, VRGrid will check if it is cached before attempting to download it.... t. To find out the sides that make up each object check the reference guides. Lets take a look at a sampl
phplinks @tips
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om/|Symfony Security Monitoring]] - A web tool to check your Composer dependencies for security advisories, previously known as "SensioLabs Security Check". * [[|TCrypto
howtos @soft:platform
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have a full exe from a tcl script. <well> How to check exe dependencies with depends </well> Open the P
bkplinux @tips
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e. * Support for checksums which enables you to check for data corruption. * Ability to restore corru
mutt @soft:ptlynx
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er = imaps:// set imap_check_subscribed set smtp_url = smtps://$imap_user@mai
clinks @tips
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nal/cpp-dependencies|cpp-dependencies]] - Tool to check C++ #include dependencies (dependency graphs crea
tutorial @soft:ptshell
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g' alias pip='python -m pip --disable-pip-version-check' alias frink='frink -w 200 -r -j' alias clear='cl
subsystemforlinux @tips
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erform the following command-lines given below to check the release information and the details of the WS