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curlcommands @tips
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// Finally, the last example creates a form field called password and sends its value from the file //pass... straightforward task and requires a simple option called –cookie-jar. <sxh bash;> $ curl --cookie-jar up-... based on your website. cURL will upload the file called //image.jpg// from the directory **~/Pictures/Per... d is finished executing, youll get a PDF document called //FILENAME.PDF// in your local directory. Run the
tutorial @soft:vrgrid
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tation around that axis.Lets look at a new object called the curvein object, and turn it around to see how... he sky. Position is expressed as a pair of angles called "turn" and "tilt". The turn angle specifies what ... default, or direction="(0,0)". The first angle is called the "turn". The turn angle describes rotation in ... is north, 180 is south, etc. The second angle is called the "tilt" and describes how far above or below t
scripting @soft:vrgrid
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/sxh> Supplied by the builder of the vrf will be called when the vrf starts, before anything else happens... /sxh> Supplied by the builder of the vrf will be called when the vrf stops. This function is optional. <w... t index i of vertex array when set\_vertices() is called. <sxh php;> vrobj.set_vertices(); </sxh> Sets the
ptminivm @soft:ptminivm
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are or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest). A virtual machine typically enables t
nmapcommands @tips
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want. The next command uses a specific NSE script called **whois-ip**. <sxh bash;> $ nmap --script=whois-... ns the remote host and saves the output to a file called scan-report in the current directory. You can als
tarcommands @tips
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iles/directories in one single file which is also called an archive. <well> Features of Tar archive tool
jquerylinks @tips
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ortable working through common problems you'll be called upon to solve using jQuery. <well> Paid Books </w
vimcommands @tips
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ic command and insert modes, Vim has another mode called the visual mode. You can highlight and change a p
tutorial @soft:ptshell
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aliases </well> The Shell uses a simple ini file called PTShell.ini in the PTSource directory as its RC s
tutorial @soft:phphum
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ingle function call, wb_main_loop(), that must be called if the application has a window. This function us
freecompilers @tips
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gone]] - Compiler for a tiny programming language called Gone, implemented using Python 3.6, SLY and llvml
ptdiff @soft:ptdiff
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thods, implementations, and results are typically called a diff, after the Unix diff utility. The output m
shelllinks @tips
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h compatible, with new/modern Unix shell language called Oil * [[|shenv]]