Desktop Software by PTSource

PTSource Developer Platform is a free professional IDE, Source Code Editor and Compiler, tools, templates and libs for professionals and students. It offers many powerful features for programming languages and syntax highlighing for over 100 languages.

PolyDraw is a free 3D polygonal modeller, for creating or modifying 3D objects using a mesh of 3D points and parametric NURBS Curves .Exports and imports to over 40 formats including WebVR and 3D Printing.

PTLynx is a PTSource port for windows of the famous Lynx browser with tabbed browsing, pdf reader, image viewer, X3D viewer, video player and TOR ready.

VRGrid is an XML standard based markup language for representing interactive 3D and 2D with VR support. It includes its own scripting language for software design, and a format support for 3D models. The design goals of XML emphasize simplicity, generality, and usability across the Internet.